Jesus' Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering


Commentary by Jennifer Phelps

5 Lessons

Jesus' Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering examines the Scriptural basis of Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ, and looks at how this powerful portrayal of the suffering and death of Jesus relates to the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the movie, Jesus' Passion is suitable for individual or group study. If used in conjunction with a DVD of the movie, the study book includes instructions about how to do this, including where to stop the movie each week to correspond to the lesson. 

Each lesson includes a short introduction, reprinted biblical texts, study and reflection questions, Points to Ponder commentary, Catechism Connections, as well as a summary and quotes from canonized saints and recent popes.

The Coil-bound Study Guide for Jesus' Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering contains the written commentary for 5 lessons that includes questions for each lesson. Suggested Responses are included in the back of each book. In a group setting, these five lessons would ideally be done one lesson per week.


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