Parents of the Saints: The Hidden Heroes Behind Our Favorite Saints


As parents, helping our children get to Heaven is of the utmost importance. The only other alternative is Hell, and both destinations are for eternity.

As we look back through history and study the lives of the Saints, it is oftentimes easy to forget the role that the parents of these holy men and women played in their formation and ultimate salvation.

In this book, discover the hidden heroes behind Sts. Faustina, Giana Molla, Josemaría Escrivá, Pope John Paul II, Maximilian Kolbe, Padre Pio, Thérèse, and countless others. Learn how over 100 parents formed their children into great Saints by way of their virtuous lives.

There are seven hallmarks we can associate with the success of these saintly parents: 

  • Sacramental Life
  • Surrender
  • Sacrificial love
  • Suffering
  • Simplicity
  • Solitude
  • Sacredness of Life

Each chapter of this book examines a particular hallmark in depth. If we want our children to get to Heaven, there are few examples we should pay more attention to than the ones put forth here. The time is now to fulfil our vocations as parents and lead our children down the straight and narrow path to salvation.

Patrick O'Hearn
Publication Date:
May 11th, 2021
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Editorial Reviews

Kimberly Hahn ( Speaker and author,

“Parents of the Saints provides numerous examples that enrich my daily prayer and spur me on to specific ways to encourage our children and grandchildren, including sharing this book. These parents’ fascinating lives will inspire you to become holy while providing a blueprint for raising saints. This book is a treasure!”

Dr. Jim Caviezel (Husband, father, grandfather, and chiropractor)

“Patrick gives excellent illustrations on how parents, such as Karol Wojtyla Sr., the father of Pope St. John Paul II, and many more, by their example, are truly the hidden heroes of the saints. A most awesome guide for getting our children to Heaven.”

Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV (International speaker)

“This exposition of the often hidden lives of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, striving to fulfill their vocation to holiness reveals the beauty of spousal love and the fruit of heroic sacrifice . . . a thorough, captivating, and timely work for the renewal of the culture.”

Danielle Rose (Wife, mother, and singer/songwriter)

“If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . . . finally, someone has unlocked the gate to the hidden orchard whose family trees have gifted us with the fruits of saintliness. The Parents of the Saints is nourishing to the core!”

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