The Classics Made Simple: The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Set


Best-selling TAN Classic The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola now paired with our new The Classics Made Simple Booklet! Is it time to take your spiritual pulse, re-orient yourself to your Creator, and seek His guidance to live your faith more seriously?

The Spiritual Exercises outline the rigorous self-examination and spiritual meditations St. Ignatius of Loyola set forth. Readers will learn how to make a new beginning on the path to holiness, repenting of their sins and attaining freedom from Satan's power.

Though St. Ignatius wrote The Spiritual Exercises as a handbook for a four-week guided retreat, this edition contains step by step explanations suitable for independent use over any time period.

Now, guided by its companion The Classics Made Simple booklet, you can renew your spiritual life through St. Ignatius of Loyola s Spiritual Exercises. The full-color Classics Made Simple booklet includes: 36 easy-to-read pages, Introduction to the TAN Classic, Major Events Timeline, Author Biography, How to Read a TAN Classic section, Words to Know, And much more!

This set includes TAN Classic The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola with The Classics Made Simple Booklet. Both items will ship together.

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