Spiritual Conferences (eBook)

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Fr. Johannes Tauler, O.P., was a German Dominican mystic who lived in the 14th century. Known in his lifetime as a mystical and dedicated preacher, he was courageous enough to preach throughout the years of earthquake, fire, and plague in Strasbourg. He was not a writer but a preacher, and his Spiritual Conferences, comprising 80 sermons which are his sole legacy, bear this out.

Tauler's sermons have been considered some of the most beautiful and poetic of German preaching. Highly down-to-earth and concrete in subject, they span the breadth of the Christian life, emphasizing asceticism and, most especially, unity and personal relationship with God. They do not dwell on subjects pertinent to only a few, but come to grips with the essential problems we all face in our struggle with the world, the flesh, and the devil. Let this eminent figure of 14th century mysticism, then, guide you through the Christian spiritual journey with fervor and vigor, as well as perspicuity, sagaciousness, and clarity.

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