Facts About Luther (eBook)


One of the most controversial figures of the last millennium, Martin Luther stands as an obstinately venerated figure in the general popular imagination as the "founder" and moral face of the Protestant revolution. However, even many Protestants (including Lutherans!) do not understand his life very well. Far from being a work of Catholic triumphalism, The Facts about Luther is an entirely objective, factual account of his life and work—based on Protestant historians. Written by Monsignor Patrick O'Hare, LL.D., this work furnishes evidence about Luther that is rather contrary to the popular image.

Catholics do not need to be overly assertive or aggressive in their treatment of Luther as a historical figure—the facts speak for themselves. And Monsignor O'Hare provides a balanced and factual, while yet authentically Catholic and thus critical, account of the former monk and priest's life. If nothing else, The Facts about Luther will at least provide all observers, whether Catholic, Protestant, or neither, a thorough and truthful account of the momentous and ultimately tragic figure of Martin Luther.

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