A Child's Book of Christmas Carols (eBook)

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NOTE: The eBook edition of this title is currently only available in MOBI (Kindle) format.

A Child’s Book of Christmas Carols is a book that will give lasting joy to its owner. It contains the words and music of eighteen of the best-loved Christmas carols, and is elegantly illustrated by Masha. The captivating full color end pages and full page illustrations (including many lovely smaller illustrations sprinkled throughout) are only part of this wonderful book. The beautiful traditional Christmas music and words are printed large and clear, simple enough for the novice but includes all four parts for harmony and piano. Each selection includes the music and words for two to six verses.

Original design and arrangement by The Artists and Writer’s Guild, Inc. and published by Random House, N.Y., in 1942. Long out of print, A Child’s Book of Christmas Carols is now exquisitely reproduced. Those who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship will readily discern that great care has been exercised in both the treatment and the printing of the illustrations, resulting in a book of genuine charm that will grace any household.

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