Purgatory: Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints

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What lies hereafter? How shall we be saved if we are to be judged on every idle thought or act, on every word or deed? It is a truth of the Faith that the soul of every person who dies in the state of grace without having made sufficient expiation on earth for his forgiven sins will undergo the penal purification of Purgatory before entering Heaven. In Purgatory: Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints, Jesuit Fr. F. X. Schouppe presents the ancient Catholic tradition on Purgatory, explaining how its pains are great—greater than any suffering known on earth—how they are adapted to the past sins of each individual soul, how they can vary in duration from less than one minute to a period of several centuries, and how they manifest the infinite Mercy of God no less than His Justice, since a certain debt for the pain of sin is owed in order to become perfected in the Sacrifice of Christ, but for those who are imperfect at the point of death, Mercy provides a solution in Purgatory.

Fr. Schouppe compiles what the saints have said about Purgatory, relying on apparitions, visions, and revelations from the lives of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Gertrude the Great, St. Bridget of Sweden, St. Jean-Baptiste Marie Vianney, St. Lidwina of Schiedam, and others, who recount many occasions when God has allowed souls in Purgatory to appear on earth to plead for prayers, sacrifices, and Masses for their relief. Above all, Fr. Schouppe emphasizes first the wonderful relief which the souls in Purgatory receive from prayers, penance, almsgiving, and especially from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for them. These souls will have measureless gratitude upon their release, obtaining priceless benefits for their benefactors in return. Most important, Fr. Schouppe emphasizes that we must avoid Purgatory by growing in Divine Charity for God and others, living it to the full.

Fr. F. X. Schouppe, SJ
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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Purgatory Explained

    Posted by Joanna on May 24th 2023

    Excellent book. After reading it I felt that it truly explained a lot.

  • 5
    Got to read it until the end

    Posted by Garrett on May 24th 2023

    As another comment stated. It really is a must to read all the way through. This book mayoude me shudder in my 20;s when I read it. The first half is about Our Lord;s Justice. However to know the poor Souls suffer terribly but also suffer in Joy. Wow what a mystery that is! And the 2nd half is all about our helping our friend in purgatory to get to Heaven. And when you do that, when that Soul makes it to Heaven. They spend a lot of time for the ones that helped them. They are a TRUE friend FOR THE REST OF YOUR EARTHLY LIFE, until you meet again. Oh its so Beautiful. I am 56 now, and I would suggest to any young person in 18 and older to give it a read. All the way. Christ the King!

  • 5
    The perfect book to help

    Posted by BRENDA S. on Dec 15th 2022

    The perfect book to help you get your priorities straight in life! I got my first copy many years ago and I read it again every few years. Just bought another copy! Very important--read the whole book! It starts off giving examples of God's justice, but ends up giving examples of God's mercy. Both are important!

  • 5
    Highly recommend book for every

    Posted by RITA R. on Dec 8th 2022

    Highly recommend book for every Catholics. Our life here on earth is temporary, the salvation of our soul is very important after our exile here on earth. Heaven is our permanent residence.

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing!

    Posted by NICOLE W. on Dec 6th 2022

    I read this book 20 years ago and then again this year during advent and am blown away by the impact it has had on my faith life that I went ahead and ordered 35 more copies to give to friends and family. This book, hands down, has been one of the most awe-inspiring and life changing spiritual works I have ever read and I want to share it with everyone I can. At $5 a book, I will 100% be back to order more. If you havent read it, please do. It will deepen your love and knowledge of God, excite fervor and zeal for the poor suffering souls and create a firm desire to amend your life as much as possible so that you can avoid purgatory and be with God forever in heaven. Thank you Tan for making this book available! Its absolutely amazing!!!

  • 5
    Excellent Book on Purgatory

    Posted by CHRISTINE S. on Nov 1st 2022

    Based on the descriptions of what the poor souls in purgatory suffer, no one is going to want to go there. The pains there are so beyond what can be suffered in this life. The book also explains different levels of purgatory, and those who sought to avoid purgatory due to their sins, such as a Holy Roman Emperor who committed a grave fault. The accounts provided are a great encouragement to pray for these souls as well as to try to avoid purgatory ourselves by accepting the annoyances, trials and crosses in our lives as penance for sins. Very well worth reading!! I wish I had read it a long time ago!

  • 5
    Purgatory explained by the lives and legends of the Saints

    Posted by OGHENEVWEDE I. on Oct 31st 2022

    Very intriguing and edifying. It is also educational on a lot of aspects about Purgatory.

  • 5
    Havent finished it yet.

    Posted by Rosemarie N. on Aug 7th 2022

    Havent finished it yet.

  • 5
    Excellent book. If everyone had

    Posted by Eva L. on May 31st 2022

    Excellent book. If everyone had a copy of this book, and read it, we would all be better for it.

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